Inkom day 1: Dutch cheese and peperkoek, anyone?

I'm International


MAASTRICHT 19 AUGUSTUS. It’s not everyone’s favorite smell… But eight freshmen don’t mind and unite around a table with pieces of cheese. ‘Dutch cheese’ says the printed paper next to the plate. On another table we find typical Dutch food like drop (liquorice), gingerbread and stroopwafels (round waffles with a caramel filling in the middle). The last ones are preferred above others. Nobody touches the liquorice.
It’s Monday, 14:00, and around hundred students gather at I’m International, an event organized behind the Kruithuis, next to the School of Business and Economics where they have been registered for the introduction week. It’s a smart choice of the Inkom Working Group (IWG): switching an informative event like I’m International from the second day of the Inkom, as in previous years, to the first one. “This is to take the burden off the mentors, who were asked a lot of questions”, says the IWG. At I’m International you can immediately turn to the right person or organization like Maastricht Housing, Jules & You or the Language Centre. But also finding a GP (general practitioner) can be arranged. Three ladies, all with different group numbers written on their hand, are a bit lost. “Do we have questions? No. But we are confused about the organization. We have registered, yes. But can you tell us where can we find our groups or our mentor?”

Inkom day 1: Dutch cheese and peperkoek, anyone?
Im International
Author: Wendy Degens
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