Inkom day 1: Singing along with Maastricht songs


MAASTRICHT. Monday afternoon, 13.00hrs at registrations: a few international students cycle – a bit shaky – for the first time through Maastricht. They stop from time to time to take pictures of each other. At the School of Business and Economics nervous freshmen stand in line for the Inkom registration. The Inkom mama’s and papa’s are looking for their groups and members of students associations hang their flags and banners. Back in the queue the first tentative conversations start.

Monday evening, 20.00hrs at the opening: Local artist Fabrizio jumps up and down the stage while singing his hit songs. The Inkom groups have gathered at the Markt for the official opening of the Inkom. It becomes clear who is new in Maastricht and who has been here for a couple of years. While the mama’s and papa’s sing along as loud as they can - ‘Loer dao steit ‘ne Vespa, zoonder sloohoohoot’ – the ‘kids’ are still learning the lyrics.

Monday night 1.00hrs at the Koko party: hundreds of students dance around at the Muziekgieterij where the Koko party takes place. The band plays golden oldies and the nervous first-years of this morning are dancing the night away like they have known each other for years.


Floortje Rawee

Inkom day 1: Singing along with Maastricht songs
opening - fabrizio
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