“Let’s crush them!”


MAASTRICHT. The sports event, Wednesday afternoon. Somewhere in the middle of the field at the Griend is a small stand where a few boys make dangerously looking gestures. Kicking a large cushion held by another boy and then turning around the axis, one would expect Jackie Chan to join in any moment. This is the student karate club Kinran. The scene seems to attract a girl. Would she like to practice a little bit? Yes, she would, and there she goes. “When will I need it”, she asks. “Well, suppose you are just leaving the cinema and catch somebody stealing your bike…”

Right, the Maastricht bike thieves are warned. So much for the martial arts, let’s move to more harmless demonstrations. Student rowing club Saurus puts up a show of three rowing machines connected to each other, so as to impersonate a boat for three. Chairwoman Ester de Ruijter manifests herself as a vivid storyteller, commenting the three rowing guys, stressing their “magnificent” bodies, and taking us to imaginary student rowing competitions where you want to “humiliate the neighbours in the boat next to you! You want to crush them!”, she cries out enthusiastically.

A little bit further we bump into a mobile climbing wall, put on display there by Maassac, the student climbers. A girl tries several times to get at least half way but alas, she can’t. On the other side of this large device another girl is up in the sky in no time. That’s what practice and training does for you. But did she attend the party in the MECC last night?

“Let’s crush them!”
Author: Wammes Bos
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Tags: inkom 2013

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