Drums, wars and water pipes


MAASTRICHT. Opera, dance, theatre, yoga, comedy, a fire-eater: the innocent passer-by at the Stadspark was in for a surprise Wednesday night at Culture Valley. At the entrance of the park, a large group of students is listening to a drum band playing. A girl with a Brazilian flag wrapped around her shoulders dances along. Behind the drummers a group of actors is preparing for a play about the bloody history of Maastricht; the wars that were fought on the city grounds.

Another big crowd has gathered around cello-player. She plays a classical piece while two modern dancers dance around her. The audience watches appreciative with a beer in their hands. Further through in the park an opera singer is hitting high notes, accompanied by a pianist. Apparently a relaxing scene, because right next to it a group is doing yoga. The mellow atmosphere stretches into a tent with rugs and cushions where people are smoking a water pipe.

A lot more noise comes from the other side of the park where cinema Lumière has set up a green screen, before which students can ‘play’ in their favourite film. A group of dressed-up girls make silly dance moves in front of Grease. Those who feel creative themselves after seeing what Maastricht has to offer in the cultural are can get to the big boxes next to the screen and paint the night away.  

Drums, wars and water pipes
Author: Cleo Freriks
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Tags: inkom 2013

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