Not the cheapest, not the most expensive city


MAASTRICHT. The rent of an average student room in Maastricht? 365 euros. The average price of a glass of beer in the capital of Limburg? €2,60. Only in Leiden (€2,90) students pay more for a beer. Maastricht isn’t the cheapest student town in the Netherlands, a recent survey from MasterCard and Nibud tells us. The cheapest town is Tilburg (also in the south of the Netherlands). Students pay 318 euros for a room and €2,13 for a beer. Amsterdam is the most expensive city to live in: €440 for an average room and €2,53 for a beer.  In a row of the twelve student cities of the country, Maastricht is on place six.

Not the cheapest, not the most expensive city
Author: Riki Janssen
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