Cultivated meat or artificial meat?

Flycatcher research


MAASTRICHT. Two thirds of the Dutch people support the cultivation of meat, according to a survey carried out by Flycatcher research agency among 1,200 Dutch respondents. The reason for the study was the presentation of a hamburger cultivated by Mark Post, UM professor of vascular physiology, on 5 August in London.

Half of the respondents would like to taste the hamburger. According to most of them, the advantages of cultivated meat are: less animal suffering and fewer global food problems. Three quarters of the respondents would buy the fake hamburger, provided its taste, structure and nutritional value were comparable to those of regular meat.

Many think that cultivated meat has been genetically engineered. "I will take every opportunity to refute this," says Post "also because success ultimately depends on consumer acceptance.” Another name would make a difference too, two thirds of the respondents believe. They associate ‘cultivated meat’ with ‘distasteful’ and ‘unreliable’. According to them: ‘artificial meat’ or ‘alternative meat’ sounds better.


Cultivated meat or artificial meat?
Mark Post and his cultivated hamburger David Parry / PA Wire
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