Student committed fraud during two studies


MAASTRICHT. The foreign student from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences who was suspected of plagiarism, committed fraud at two Maastricht master’s studies. For one study she never received her diploma because results were declared invalid beforehand, in November 2012. For the other master’s study a diploma was issued but has by now been retracted and declared invalid.

In the case of the latter fraud it was only discovered after completion of the study because she made use of a very clever trick to mislead the anti-plagiarism software Safe Assignment. After analysing her papers, the deception was proved beyond doubt. The Examination Committee, together with the legal department informed the student of the situation in June. The Examination Committee decided not to publish any details of the trick to prevent similar cases in the future.

This is the first time that the UM has retracted a student’s diploma. Reprimands because of plagiarism are not unique, though: last year 145 UM students crossed the line.



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