Free pancakes


FREE pancakes with sugar and cinnamon tomorrow evening. If you would like Nutella with it you may have to pay 50 cents.

Manorathan Balasingam, a photographer, event organiser and former UM student, had an epiphany during his holidays: the only business at the market with a constant queue was that of the crêpe maker. “So I decided to buy some crêpe pans and create a cool event on Facebook.”

And cool it was. About 50 people with a sweet tooth got their share of Balasingam’s cinnamon and sugar crêpes, as advertised on the Sharing is Caring Facebook page last Saturday. “For crêpes with Nutella we accepted a donation of 50 cents to cover some costs.” To cover the rest of the costs, they sold refreshments such as cola, beer and wine for a nominal price. “It still wasn’t enough to cover all of it, but in the end it was a nice event.”

This tasty gathering was not the first that Balasingam, who has a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a Master in International Law, has come up with. Throughout the year, he has organised events and art exhibitions with his similarly creative friends in their free art space Korridor Studio, located in the centre of Maastricht. “We’re a group of young film makers, photographers and event organisers, and regularly host special events at this location.”

Thus, it was no surprise that Saturday’s guests could nourish their artistic sides as well as their bellies, creating action paintings in the studio at no extra cost.

Ida Roivainen

Free pancakes
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