Elsevier: UCM is the best by far in Maastricht


MAASTRICHT. According to students, University College Maastricht is the best liberal arts programme in the Netherlands.  Moreover, figures and tables published last week in the Elsevier weekly magazine show that it is the best-scoring programme in Maastricht.

Every autumn, Elsevier lists the best studies in the Netherlands, based on students’ assessments (what do you think about your study and your university?) and those of professors and senior lecturers. This time, sixteen Maastricht bachelor’s programmes were scrutinised.  Students assessed eight of these as being the best in their category: International Business, Econometrics, Fiscal Law, Fiscal Economics, European Law School, Dutch Law, European Studies, and University College. This liberal arts programme is a cut above the rest. Where other Maastricht studies win first prizes with final grades between 5.5 and 6.9, UCM scores an eight. There is, among others, a lot of praise for lecturers, education, testing, programme setup, and facilities. Utrecht came second; Roosevelt College in Middelburg was third.

At IB – winner in a field of five - students were especially satisfied with the facilities and education, Econometrics scored well because of testing and its lecturers, European Law School beat Nijmegen and Groningen partly because of education and setup of the programme.

Altogether, Maastricht University ended in second place both according to the students and the professors in the category (there are three) of specialised universities. The professors put Tilburg in first place; students, on the other hand, feel that the Erasmus University is the best.

Author: Riki Janssen
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