2000 euros for a thesis


MAASTRICHT. Isabel Mank, a German master student Global Health, has won the Catharina Pijls Aanmoedigingsprijs – 2000 euros – for her thesis on local water management in Sudan.  “One can imagine that this is not the easiest environment to gather data”, says her mentor Rik Crutzen, “but she managed to do this adequately and independently.”

Mank’s thesis provides a description of the water distribution system in Sudan via qualitative interviews with Sudanese women living in suburban areas, with employees of a governmental institution, and local and international NGO’s.

Sudan is situated at the Nile and has lots of water resources, yet, a feeling of accountability is lacking on the part of the government, international and national NGOs and private industries. There is deficient access to safe drinkable water, a lack of sanitation facilities and waste collection systems.

For an interview with Mank, see the next Observant 

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