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In the Netherlands, especially during events like INKOM, it is common for associations and companies to load students with flyers. Sometimes you accept them out of interest, sometimes because they’re practically pressed into your hands, but after a week, maybe two, the flyers will be long forgotten.

At the start of the new semester at Waseda, the flyering ritual apparently exists as well. Only here, I actually like getting flyers. This is because in Japan, almost nobody hands out *just* a flyer, there’s always something useful included. Sometimes the flyer is put into a plastic folder which you can later use for university, many times the flyer is put into a small pack of tissues.

I have no idea why tissues are such a big marketing tool here. Then again, with my Dutch mentality, I’m happy with every pack I get – this is going to save me money in the upcoming months.

Corine Schuuring

Hi, I am Corine (20), a third year UCM student. This semester, from September until the start of February, I’ll be on exchange to Waseda University, Tokyo. I’ve never significantly been out of Europe before, so it will be quite a Big Deal. About me: I like food (in general), Saturday mornings and online TV-shows. I hope I’ll also like traveling.


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