“No outsourcing for Guesthouse”


MAASTRICHT. It would not be wise to outsource the Guesthouse. This, in a nutshell, is the message given by a group of SBE students who carried out a critical survey on behalf of the University Council regarding the Executive Board’s intention. The survey was part of SBE’s Marble project.

The future of the Guesthouse organisation - which provides (furnished) accommodation for exchange students - has been unclear since General and Technical Services and the Executive Board expressed their desire to outsource this section to a third party outside the university. Printing facilities and catering were already handed over to market parties at earlier stages. General and Technical Services want to become a ‘management organisation’. Last year, the University Council was not convinced that outsourcing the Guesthouse was a good idea and wondered if this wasn’t part of the university’s core business, as it regards internationalisation as very important. The students’ Marble research project rejected this claim: from a business perspective, this cannot be called a core competency. But the specific nature of the service, with its many intangibles, few really specific tasks and the broad scope of the housing service, make outsourcing very difficult, they say. The possible impact on staff would not always be positive. All this was reason enough for the students not to recommend outsourcing. Instead, they argue in favour of a model of the strategic alliance with a market party, to reduce the risks.

In the latest University Council meeting it became clear that the Executive Board, represented by André Postema, was not impressed with the analysis. “This study contains a great deal of opinions, which weakens the recommendations,” he said. He found the idea of strategic partnerships interesting, adding that there are hardly any providers in this market in Maastricht. They do exist at national level, and maybe it would be useful to ask General and Technical Services to collect information on experiences in other cities. “We are in no rush to outsource,” says Postema. University Council chairman Kingma emphasised that the council wishes to continue the debate.


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