Learning the snake movement

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Offer for the ladies: I teach belly dance classes in Heer, Maastricht. Tonight there will be a free class for anyone interested. It is from 19.00 till 20.00. Pm if interested, I will send you the address. Hope to see you there.

Have you ever wondered what a snake movement and a hip circle are? Now is your chance to take the plunge and find out. “I’ve been teaching belly dancing for advanced dancers and beginners for a year now, and I’m hoping to expand. That’s why I decided to promote my lessons on the Fleamarket Maastricht Facebook page”, says Kyara Floris, a dance student and teacher.

Seven years ago Floris – born and raised in Maastricht – decided to study dance in Liège. Soon, however, she had to move to Eindhoven because most of her class did not make it to the last year. Not to worry: although belly dance can be demanding for professionals, enthusiasts at all levels can enjoy it. “In the beginners classes I start with basic movements like the hip circle and the snake. How fast they learn depends on the group. I always adjust my lessons to what the group needs. Sometimes I can go through the initial movements faster and sometimes I need to repeat things more.”

After the first Facebook announcement, Floris received replies from several interested people. Now she hopes they will all be brave enough to participate. As an incentive, she is offering the first class for free. “And the classes will be in English, as there are a lot of foreign students who might want to learn how to belly dance. The best part is that you use most of your muscles and it’s really fun for all ages and all body types. It also helped me to conquer my shyness.”

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Learning the snake movement
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