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Corine in Japan


Not even a week ago I was in Tokyo, stressing about my finals. Now, I find myself back in my usual UCM tutorials, leading discussions and making problem statements. It’s a really weird feeling, rolling right back into life as I knew it in Maastricht. Mostly it’s good, seeing friends and family again and getting some of the food I’ve missed for six months. However, there are a few things I will miss about Japan – besides of course the friends I’ve made. An immediate example is the omnipresence of convenience stores and vending machines. If I want to get some food here, chances are that I will have to walk for 10 whole minutes, and after 8 the supermarkets are closed. It takes some getting used to that again.
Surprisingly, I also have to get used to cycling again. After 3 days already, my legs are sore from my casual bike rides around the city. On the other hand, I am glad that I’m no longer restricted to metro use.

All in all, it feels a bit double to be back. I’m still getting rid of my jetlag, and the speed with which everything is back to normal is almost creepy. Sometimes it seems like I have never been away. But for that purpose I brought along a huge stash of my favourite Japanese snacks. After those are finished, I guess I’ll find new ways to cope with life on this side of the globe.

Corine Schuuring

Hi, I am Corine (20), a third year UCM student. This semester, from September until the start of February, I’ll be on exchange to Waseda University, Tokyo. I’ve never significantly been out of Europe before, so it will be quite a Big Deal. About me: I like food (in general), Saturday mornings and online TV-shows. I hope I’ll also like traveling.


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