Lack of critical thinking


MAASTRICHT. Students at the School of Business and Economics have expressed disappointment at the lack of critical thinking during their curricula. Therefore, the student members of the Faculty Council have proposed the introduction of a course on the history of economics. “If we do not know the history of economics, we are doomed to reproduce the failures of the past”, they wrote in a recent memo.

The economic crisis, the meltdown of financial markets and the loss of trust in institutions and in the science of economics call for a critical approach to current economic developments, the students say. “Although the PBL system constitutes a fertile environment for critical discussions, the covered literature does not cultivate a diversity of thought.” The students want to learn more about the theories developed by Marx, Smith, Marshall and Keynes.

Initially the students were urging for a two-week skills training course. After speaking with professors, however, they concluded that two weeks is too short and a full eight-week course is needed.

Lack of critical thinking
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