Less than 5000 euros: Art at Timmerfabriek


MAASTRICHT. Collectors, artists, families and a lot of pink– the setting at the Affordable Art Fair is very different from the one at TEFAF just a month ago. From Thursday to Sunday, 6 of April, the Timmerfabriek in Maastricht hosts 45 galleries exhibiting diverse contemporary art for less than 5000 euros.

Picasso, Warhol and Monet were impressive and undisputedly nice to look at, but now there is an art fair that allows many visitors to consider buying the art they see.  Artists range from recent fine arts graduates to renowned street artist Banksy, probably the only artist TEFAF and the AAF have in common. Visitors can admire photographs, paintings, sculptures and installations, catering to all kinds of different tastes and budgets.

Besides the fair, there are exhibitions by young artists at the Project LAB space at the light and spring-like decorated ground floor of the Timmerfabriek . Visitors can relax with coffee, wine and fries, while taking a rest from the gallery visit. Children are taken care of at the free Crèche.

The Artist and the Others, a foundation supporting young creative makers at the beginning of their career in the cultural sector, are also present on the ground floor, organizing a colorful side program with interesting topics. “We aim to show visitors what inspires and drives artists, collectors and gallerists”, says Jessica Capra from The Artist and the Others . “During interviews, meetings, guided tours and film screenings visitors can connect to young artists and professionals”.

Marie Rosenkranz




The AAF is still open until Sunday, with daily opening hours from 11 to 18 o’clock. Tickets for the fair cost 10 euros at the door, and 9 for students. If bought online, there is a two euros discount for both. The program organized by The Artist and the Others is free of charge and starts with a guided tour at 11.30 on Friday and Saturday, and at 13.00 on Sunday. You can find the full program here: http://theartistandtheothers.nl/during-affordable-art-fair-maastricht/?lang=en

Less than 5000 euros: Art at Timmerfabriek