I know why I left home. And I know why I will never go back. Excuse me my lovely family, it has nothing to do with you. I love you and I will always come back for visits. However, the problem is this provincial region that is full of conservative, narrow-minded, old and embittered people. These people do not know anything else, they do not want to know anything else and – logically – will never know anything else.

It is weird. Since I left home almost four years ago, I am having a love-hate relationship with the province I grew up in. On the one hand, I am now able to appreciate the nature, the North Sea, the wind and the calm that characterises the North-West of Germany. I sometimes even long for walking along the dike and let the wind blow all my thoughts away. I am happy when I go home and the waiter of the Italian ice-cream parlour still knows exactly what I will order. However, that feeling only lasts as long as I know I will leave in the foreseeable future. 

The small town I mostly spent my life in is old – and so is the majority of the people. They live in their unexciting, tiny bubble, which protects them from anything “exotic”. A foreign language? A different culture? A new shop? Or even a red hat? Oh my God, how dare you impose such things on us! We want to keep what we always had and do the same that we always did. Your alternative views are not so much welcome. Go into the world and spread them somewhere else!

This could be going on in their heads. But they do not say it. Because they are scared of a reaction. And a reaction would mean having to deal with something that is different to them and that does not fit into their narrow outlook.

No. There is no chance I will ever live there again.


Catharina Rudschies. student of European Studies

Author: Redactie

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