Freshman: From Germany

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MAASTRICHT. She is called Anna-Maria (“with a hyphen”) Ostermann, she’s 20 years old, from Germany and she is visiting the info market on Tuesday, behind the Mensa at the Tongersestraat 53. That is the building where she will be found the next couple of years, studying International Business. Twenty years old already? “Yeah, that’s because I spent a year in Canada first. No, not studying, just travelling around.”
Anna-Maria is on her own this afternoon: “I lost the rest of my Inkom group, I will meet them later, I hope. They are nice people, the mentors are from a sorority. I might join that later on, or another sorority of course.”
The best thing that could happen to her in Maastricht? “Making good friends.” And the worst? “Mm, I guess not passing the studies.”



Freshman: From Germany
Author: Wammes Bos
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