Freshman: From Paris, France

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MAASTRICHT. Charles de Roncourt (19) is from Paris, France. He has signed in at European Studies. He wears a T-shirt that was designed by a friend of his, with a drawing of a man walking away, seen from behind, a bag over his shoulders. Quite intriguing, this picture.
Found any new friends already in the Inkom group? “There are a couple of nice guys, they could become friends. I don’t see any of them at the moment here, the group has split up, some went to Randwijck for the info market, I chose this location.” That is the Tongersestraat on this rather cold Tuesday..
What is the best thing that could happen to him in Maastricht? “Well, lots of success in my studies.”
The worst? “To get kicked out of university.”
Why on earth would he be? “Maybe if I don’t adapt to the system. We will see.”

Freshman: From Paris, France
Author: Wammes Bos
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