Fresmen: from Brazil


MAASTRICHT. Could you make a picture of us? With a big smile Breno Luna Meira (24) and Leandro Dias Romariz hand over a smartphone in the Stadspark this Wednesday evening. Inkom’s Cultural Valley is about to start. The two are from Brazil and have registered in Maastricht for the master Criminology (Breno) and Psychology of Work and Organisations (Leandro). “We both got a Dutch orange tulip scholarship from Nuffic.” It’s not their first time abroad. Breno studied already in California, US, Leandro in Australia.

The Netherlands have a good name in Brazil. “It’s a kind of role model for us: laws, politics, the care for the environment, but also the way people treat each other. Dutch people show more empathy, are more willing to help, and they ride on bikes. All together this creates a nice atmosphere”, is their conclusion after a couple of days Maastricht. While we are having a chat in the park,  two Dutch police officers run very fast through the park and try to stop a young man, a thief? A drugs dealer? “Brazil can also learn about how the Dutch police treat civilians. They talk to you, are polite, helpful. At home we’re more scared of the police than the criminals. They’re violent, not polite at all.”

Fresmen: from Brazil
Breno Luna Meira and Leandro Dias Romariz
Author: Riki Janssen
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