UM suspends animal experiments


MAASTRICHT. UM has suspended its cardiology research using 39 Labradors after protests from the Anti Dierproeven Coalitie (anti-animal testing coalition, or ADC). By Tuesday morning, more than 100 thousand people had signed the ‘Free the Labradors’ petition.

Emotions ran high on social media, there were widespread protests against the Maastricht animal experiment. Others vented their dissatisfaction directly, by phoning the university.

Because of this social disturbance, the Executive Board, in consultation with the dean of the faculty of Health, Medicine and Life sciences and the cardiologists, has decided to suspend the research. “The UM is firmly embedded in society,” says a spokesperson, and cannot ignore such criticism. “We are going to consider what the appropriate course of action is. It would be cynical to consider this step as an attempt to buy time.”

The ADC says that the activists are pleased with “this first step”, but will continue their campaign “as long as there is merely a suspension”.

In the experiment, which was approved by the Animal Experiment Committee, pacemakers are implanted in Labradors in order to learn more about heart failure.

It is not the first time that the ADC is protesting against the Maastricht animal tests on dogs. In 2010, leader Robert Molenaar announced that the activists would regularly aim their actions against the UM. The ADC will also be present during the opening of the academic year, next Monday.


UM suspends animal experiments
Demonstration of Anti Dierproeven Coalitie during dies natalis (2011)