Inkom: wristband cheating €45


MAASTRICHT. Eight first-year students were ‘caught’ last Tuesday evening during a large-scale check before the beginning of an INKOM party in MECC. The Inkom Working Group organised a second ID check, because there were rumours about seventeen-year-olds wearing the wrong wristband, which enabled them to order alcoholic drinks. Furthermore, the local authorities (the city’s Law Enforcement Team carries out random checks) cautioned a number of seventeen-year-olds drinking beer during the opening event on the Market. Two students, who purposely wore the wrong wristbands, were fined €45.
The Drinking and Catering law was changed at the beginning of this year: no alcoholic beverages may be served to youths under 18. This was the reason why the Inkom Working Group and other introduction week organisations in the Netherlands introduced the wristband system. A green wristband means 18+. A red wristband means: younger than 18, so no alcohol. Approximately 8 per cent of the 2,600 newcomers in Maastricht is younger than 18.
The Inkom Working Group cautioned the eight offenders. Their green wristband was exchanged for a red one. Chairperson Elsemieke Hoet suspects that something went wrong at one of the wristband distribution points.


Author: Wendy Degens
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