Long live the Kingdom

Maastricht celebrates 200th anniversary of the kingdom with art and music


MAASTRICHT. Have you always wanted to meet Willem-Alexander and Maxima, the king and queen of the Netherlands, in person? The couple will be in Maastricht, this Saturday 30 August, for the celebrations of the 200 anniversary of the kingdom of the Netherlands. Maastricht was chosen as the venue for the festivities, because the city is regarded as ‘the most European city in the Netherlands’.

As a matter of fact, the 200th anniversary will and has been commemorated in other parts of the Netherlands too. Six national events have been scheduled between November 2013 and September 2015. The celebrations were initiated by the re-enactment of the landing of Prince Willem Frederik on the Scheveningen beach. The return of the Prince in 1813 eventually led to his inauguration as King William I, in September 1815.

The Dutch royal couple, together with other heads of state from Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium, will be treated to a music and art fashion show on the Market square on Saturday afternoon. Entrance is free for everyone. After this, there will be a congress at the Vrijthof Theatre (admission by invitation only, but it can be followed live on YouTube) attended by the Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs, Frans Timmermans. The German Federal President Joachim Gauck will speak about, among other things, the relationship between the European Union and its member states.

Especially for this occasion there is a free ‘royal’ city walk which can be collected from the Vrijthof Museum. It was put together by historians Servé Minis and Jac van den Boogaard, who paid special attention to important ‘royal’ spots. Such as Platielstraat 9, which is the birthplace of King William I’s second wife.

On the day after the celebrations, a civil manifesto will be handed to the provincial governor of Limburg. It will contain recommendations for further collaboration with neighbouring countries and regions, in areas such as public transport, health care, cross-border employment and accommodation as well as cultural activities. One of the speakers in Centre Céramique on Sunday afternoon, 31 August, will be Luc Soete, rector of Maastricht University.



Long live the Kingdom
Author: Wendy Degens
Jeroen van der Meyde
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