La (not so) Petite Piquenique Électronique

Trough the eyes of a G(raduate)


A package of my favourite doughy oatmeal cookies to the left and a full-fat double-shot latte to the right of my laptop will hopefully help me to inspect the colourful exclamation marks in my to-do list. At the top of my daily life duties: “think about capstone topic” (the UMC´s equivalent of the bachelor thesis) - think, think, think... cookie, cookie…a few sips of my coffee...cookie… It’s not easy. My friends always tell me to relax – “do your breathing exercises” and then they wait till I actually do them. I get nervous when I have to make choices.

This changes when the weekend is approaching and especially if an event takes place, which I know, could very well satisfy my dancing feet. The people behind Piquenique Electronic – notorious for organizing unforgettable open-air events at the Sphinx Park – organized a party outside the city centre.

I was exhausted upon arrival and reminded of the fact that biking and wearing a party outfit will not get any more comfortable with time. At the entrance, there were guards standing with a trustworthy friendly smile on their face, and since there was no entrance fee, they appeared to be standing there just for that sole reason.

An interesting opening scene for a promising evening I thought to myself when entering through a massive gate. As my eyes wandered a massive brightly coloured villa came into view. As I found out later, the 19th century residence is called “La Petite Suisse”, which was everything but “petite” in my point of view.

The sound of electronic music in the background let me to the other side of the beautiful massive villa, where, only to make this fairy tale setting even more perfect; a pond was located, framed by grass and people enjoying a drink or two. There was even a little bridge for lovers or anyone else really.

The setting was surreal – almost too beautiful for a party. Instead of beer cans and drugs, there were flowers decorating tables, children playing around in straw, out of which you could make your own innovative DIY chairs and, wait for it, the lake lighting up at night – there were little candles floating in the water.

Sitting in the library, I can only reminisce and hope for a next time in this beautiful 19th century party tale and return to cookies, coffee and capstone for now.

Lea Schäfer


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