Smash the Office-Stress Fix!


  • Smash the Office-Stress Fix!
  • Game/funny/work
  • Free
  • iOS, Android

Do you ever feel the urge to upturn your desk, to throw your computer out of the window or to punch your printer? The Smash the Office app allows you to do just that. In this smartphone game, you have to smash an office to pieces. The more you break, the more points you score. Each higher level your reach, gets you closer to the boardrooms and provides you with more weapons (including a golf club, a baseball bat, or a sledgehammer). Those who have developed a special hatred of printers, are lucky, because there is a bonus game in which you can thrash just printers. All the stress will leave your body.

Students were not forgotten in this app. Especially for them, there is Smash the School, based on the same principle but executed in a classroom. And those who see red when they are in a queue at the supermarket, can try Smash the Mall.


Smash the Office-Stress Fix!
Author: Cleo Freriks
Tags: app

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