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I’ll never forget what a friend of mine told me about the first day his son came to life. While looking down into the cot at this little and vulnerable creature, with a mix of immeasurable love, pride, surprise, and anxiety, one of the million things that went through his mind was: “I’m not qualified for this.” He made me laugh. It was only almost one year afterwards though, at the time my son came to life, that I could finally grasp what he meant. Having a child is so beyond any words. I know it may sound trivial, but I think that sometimes considerations are so trivial because they are so true.

At the same time, over the last months, I have been also feeling even more gratitude (if possible) for my parents. For having being so wonderful, for having raised three kids with constant commitment, passion, and love. And of course, because at the beginning they must have felt the same way my wife and I do: unprepared, even scared maybe, with no idea about what to do, but willing to try and put all their energies, and even more, in this new adventure together. And they managed, and this fills me with a lot of hope.

I have started thinking how they achieved that, trying to identify a particular strategy or plan in their approach to education, but nothing well defined came up of that. It must have happened somewhere in between all the smiles, the hugs, the conversations, the reprimands. Somewhere undefined in between all the emotions, the experiences, the feelings.

I have been thinking infinite times already of all the things I would like to teach my son, to share with him. What? Amongst all, to be happy for sure, and to become able to choose for himself, and enough adult to start being mistaken on his own, and learn from it. And maybe the rule of the “four d’s” that I got from years and years dedicated to sport: discipline, determination, dedication, and deprivation. I think those are good ingredients for the recipe of life.


Pietro Bonizzi, Assistant Professor at Knowledge Engineering

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