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Whether you still have to do some last-minute Sinterklaas shopping, or have already started on your Christmas shopping, if you are looking for an overview of all gifts, Gift List Manager can help. This app not only helps you keep track of what you have already bought and for whom, but also to stay within your budget.

First of all, you create the ‘occasion’, for example Christmas. Then you add the names of everyone who is to receive a gift and their wish list. This is how you make a shopping list. If you find something, you can indicate whether you bought it immediately, ordered it, or if it has to be shipped. You can also add what it cost and if it is already gift-wrapped. If you wish to be completely on top of matters, you can add a photograph of the gift. On the start page of the app, you can see how far you have progressed with your list and the total amount you have spent on the occasion.

Any Nosey Parkers who go poking around on someone’s phone looking for hints about their gift, come away empty-handed. Gift List Management offers the possibility of protecting your lists with a password.


Gift List Manager
Author: Cleo Freriks

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