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Young people may be reading fewer newspapers and magazines these days but there has been one comic book that has resisted this trend and is still delivered to many a student house: Donald Duck – always high in the top 10 of the most popular magazines among students. Those who have a subscription to the weekly adventures of Disney’s most famous duck and his family, rarely cancel it, even after having reached the voting age.

Those who feel that one weekly dose of Duck is too little, can download the Kwaak Wekker (Quack Alarm Clock). This can be used to be woken up by Donald’s quacking every morning. In an angry, happy or ‘in love’ tone; the app offers the possibility to choose from six different moods. Do you have trouble – just like your feathered hero – getting out of bed, then the snooze button ensures that you will be notified again ten minutes later. Once you’re awake, you can tap the Magazine button to visit the Dutch Disney website.

The alarm also sounds when the app works in background mode, and a different wake-up time can be set for every day of the week.


Kwaak Wekker
Author: Wendy Degens
Tags: app

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