Carbon monoxide poisoning in Guesthouse


MAASTRICHT. Two students – from Korea and Italy - became unwell in a Maastricht University Guesthouse on the Raccordement/Heugemerweg because of carbon monoxide poisoning. Still conscious, they were taken to the hospital.
The two inhabitants have rooms on the ground floor of the apartment complex on the Raccordement in Heugem. This building is connected to the building on the Heugemerweg, where the majority of the Guesthouse students live (a total of thirty). “They were in the kitchen, opposite the bathroom where the central-heating boiler is located, they went to their own rooms and then returned to the kitchen where they became unwell,” says Guesthouse manager Roel van der Nat. Fellow-inhabitants raised the alarm and phoned for an ambulance. The building was evacuated, but the all-clear has been given since then – with the exception of the ground floor on the Raccordement.  Van der Nat: “We are 99.9 per cent sure that something is wrong with the boiler.”


Author: Wendy Degens
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