Collective labour agreement for universities: more wages, more permanent contracts


THE NETHERLANDS. The negotiators from the unions and universities have reached an agreement on the new collective labour agreement. Wages will rise by 3 per cent and there will be a one-off bonus of 350 euro gross in July 2016.

The agreement is now being put to the union members and university administrators. If they accept the agreement, the new contract will run to 1 July 2016. The salary will be raised in two steps: by 2 percent on 1 January and by another one per cent a year later.

Previous negotiations came to a standstill on the issue of the number of temporary contracts for researchers. Agreements on this have now also been made. The universities will reduce the number of temporary contracts (shorter than four years) to 22 per cent, but only for professors, senior lecturers, lecturers and other teachers. The agreement will be evaluated at the end of 2016.

Forty-one per cent of all academic staff had a temporary appointment in 2012. If one were to add the PhD candidates, the rate of temporary contracts even comes to 60 per cent.

Agreements have also been made about the career perspectives of researchers with temporary contracts. This includes their being trained in drawing up subsidy applications and getting time to acquire the necessary teaching qualifications.

PhD candidates are also getting attention. They will be given the opportunity to gain the “required qualifications for a further career in research,” the agreement states, and otherwise they will be prepared better for a career outside the university.

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