Additional study spaces at Tapijn


MAASTRICHT. In Spring 2015, the University Library intends to launch an experimental learning environment for students in shed V at the Tapijn barracks. In due course, the shed is scheduled to be demolished, but for the coming three years the library wants to use it to create approximately 200 additional study spaces. 

The exact setup is still being discussed, says University Library director Ingrid Wijk. “We want to experiment with various environments, also with a view to future possibilities in the sports hall.” The new sports centre in Randwyck will (partly) open in July and will be multifunctional; it will include approximately 175 learning spaces.
As far as the experiments in the Tapijn shed are concerned, Wijk is thinking of ‘boxes in a box’: the shed will serve as a shell, the setting, space and digital options inside can be moved around. “It has to provide a feeling of being a place to study; it will not be a place to hang out. It could also be used for teamwork, because we notice that many students enjoy studying together.” Anyone who has a good idea may contact the University Library, says Wijk.

Maastricht University, the provincial government and the city council are the shared owners of the Tapijn barracks. Since September, Knowledge Engineering (DKE) has been housed in the former officers’ mess. The move for Edlab, the university centre for educational innovation, and Launchbase, an initiative by the Centre for Entrepreneurship for starting student entrepreneurs, is planned for next year.


Additional study spaces at Tapijn
Author: Wendy Degens
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