ISN sponsors first day of Bruis festival


MAASTRICHT. ISN, the International Student Network, is sponsoring Bruis this year. The pop festival will take place at the Koompe, the sport’s area of the former Tapijn barracks on 4, 5, and 6 September 2015. Entrance is free.

The Erasmus Student Network – which will officially change its name to ISN this week – will contribute 25 thousand euro towards the festival. In doing so, the organisation makes it possible for Bruis to start on Friday. Last year it was the School of Business and Economics that sponsored the festival because of its thirtieth anniversary. 
ISN is on the brink of a new era, it is up to them to ensure that all international students connect with them, unlike in the past, when it catered only for Erasmus students who came to study in Maastricht temporarily. It was announced in February that an International Students Club was to be housed in the Timmerfabriek on the Boschstraat in 2017. A project leader has been appointed for the start-up phase, from now until 2017: Roel van der Nat, cluster co-ordinator for the UM Guesthouse. The idea behind this is that the ISN organisation needs to be professionalised. Maastricht University has made 400 thousand euro available for this start-up phase, the funds coming from the Limburg provincial innovation fund. Part of it will be used for marketing and publicity. Bruis is a logical choice, says Maurice Evers, programme leader ‘Student en Stad’ and involved with ISN plans. “The festival takes place two weeks after Inkom, a wonderful kick-off. ISN wants to expand its cultural programme and what better way to start that off than here? The festival was actually an initiative of the Muziekgieterij, with whom ISN will not only share a building on the Boschstraat but also collaborate. As far as the money is concerned: 25 thousand euro is a lot, but they will draw a lot of attention with it and reach many people. There will be banners at Bruis and they will be given time to present themselves. The details of the sponsor contract are still being finalised. The Bruis programme is scheduled to be announced later this spring. Bruis started off on the Markt in 2007. Last year was its busiest edition ever, with 42 thousand visitors.

ISN sponsors first day of Bruis festival
Author: Wendy Degens
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