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    During your nice little dinner party or an evening out with friends, everyone is just staring at their mobile phones all evening. A familiar scene for many, but how innocent are we ourselves? How many hours a day do we spend looking at a phone screen? For the answer to that question, there is Moment. The app records how long you have used your iPhone or iPad each day. Do you feel that it is too long? Then you can set a limit. The app warns you when you exceed your limit. If you have no confidence in your own willpower, you can even set the app to automatically shut down your device when you have reached your limit.

    Moment is also suitable for people who are irritated by the telephone use of family members. With Moment Family, you can also keep tabs on their telephone usage and set up smartphone-free moments – for example during a meal – when the device switches off.

    Author: Cleo Freriks
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