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Work like a slave, eat like a king


In my opinion, there’s nothing like Cato by Cato in Maastricht. Jeffrey’s little corner shop is hidden between Maastricht residences, but within walking distance of the Vrijthof. Once you enter this little kingdom, you feel like you’re in a second hand bookshop rather than a place to pick up your lunch. The owner, Jeffrey, likes decorating the place with souvenirs from his travels to serve as talking points for his customers while waiting for their lunch.

Cato by Cato offers a fresh and super healthy menu at a reasonable price. Every meal consists of a salad base (lettuce from Jeffrey’s garden, bell pepper, cucumber and organic olive oil with a drop of fresh orange juice) and sides that you can select from his fridge and even taste beforehand. Recently, I ordered a salad with creamy yogurt mushrooms and light organic quinoa. This high-protein, wheat-free alternative is also perfect for gluten-allergic foodies. For €1.50 I added an extra topping of crabstick salad and sundried tomatoes served in St Jacobs Shell. Jeffrey will help you with your choice of sides (8 to 10 are on offer daily) or organic bread served straight from the oven to enhance your gastronomic experience even more. The best part is, the portions are huge – so you get to enjoy your lunch for dinner too.

Cato Catering has always been Jeffrey’s life goal and therefore he guarantees every customer his or her individual ‘five minutes’ when you are ordering your meal. He and his wife are a team – so determined are they that they wake up every day at 3.30 am when students are heading home after a long night, in the hopes of passing on their energy to anyone who might decide to eat at Cato by Cato. From next week on, there’s a competition on Instagram where five customers out of every hundred will receive Jeffrey’s favourite Cato lunch box in return for their original ‘Cato selfie’. 

Kate Surala

-> Cato Cato, Stenenbrug 9a, Maastricht,

My menu


Salad and two sides


Extra topping – crabstick salad






Every week Kate Surala, master's student of European Public Affairs and student tutor at the Faculty of Law, reviews a restaurant, coffee bar, catering shop or 'to go' in Maastricht.

Travel around the world with Cato by Cato
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Kate Surala
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