Would you take your friend to Mes Amis?

Work like a slave, eat like a king


Emerging from the suffocating outside music last Friday evening (I guess it was from the Bruisfestival), I arrived at the Mes Amis wine restaurant located on Tongersestraat. After reading several reviews on Trip Advisor, I was keen to experience for myself whether the restaurant is just a ‘fashion choice’ or a truly intriguing dining experience.

Walking through the front door, you most certainly won’t think of ordering beer or spirits with your dinner: the whole restaurant is covered with empty green and brown wine bottles. Since I was curious about whether my reservation would be given away, I deliberately showed up half an hour late. Still, I was seated in a soft, cushiony chair by a kind waitress on the first floor.

The creamy amuse with a fruity taste served in a tiny glass refreshed me a few minutes after I had ordered my three-course dinner. My personal waiter was very helpful and, despite my gluten allergy, managed to recommend a balanced meal with some regional wine. After being offered a glass of ‘Wijngaard Hoeve Nekum, Auxerrois 2013’, a fruity, medium dry white wine produced just a few kilometres from the restaurant, I was disappointed by the shape of my wine glass – everyone in the room, whether they were drinking red or white, had the same ‘standard’ Mes Amis glass. Coming from a Czech wine region, I felt the portion was below my expected level (150–180 ml)*. At least it was well chilled, at around 8°C.

The appetizer consisted of yellow fin tuna with quinoa and a mango and avocado filling, decorated with fresh herbs and raw vegetables. While the food tasted delicious and the presentation was excellent, disappointment struck when the next dish came. The main course was guinea fowl with curry and red pepper covered with a very dominant – almost overpowering – red wine sauce. While the grilled meat was, for my taste, a bit overdone, the main turnoff was the vegetables (carrot, broccoli and baby corn): overcooked, bland and tasteless.

To answer the question: should you invite your friend to Mes Amis? Yes, if you want to enjoy a quiet dinner by candlelight with a glass of regional wine, and you’re willing to spend some money – though I think €37.50 is overpriced. The appetizer and the dessert were good. Hopefully next time a better main dish.

*According to the Hotel Management School Maastricht, the average portion in the Netherlands should be 125–150 ml.


Kate Surala

-> Mes Amis, Tongersestraat 5, Maastricht, www.mesamis.nl 

My menu


3-course dinner


2 glasses of white wine 






Every week Kate Surala, master's student of European Public Affairs and student tutor at the Faculty of Law, reviews a restaurant, coffee bar, catering shop or 'to go' in Maastricht.

Would you take your friend to Mes Amis?
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