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Work like a slave, eat like a king


Have you ever been in that situation where you left your lunch at home? And then realised you have absolutely no time to grab a snack on your way to work? Soup Solo could be the answer. This healthy soup bar serves homemade soups to take away or eat inside a unique art gallery right opposite the law faculty in Maastricht. The work of young artists and other creatives is also on show in this cosy and friendly space.
One busy, rainy Tuesday lunchtime I was tempted to try the avocado and shrimp soup with a delicious piece of freshly baked wholegrain bread. To my surprise, I didn’t need to wait for my soup to be finished and packed: instead a young waiter offered to deliver my lunch directly to the law reception desk and call me once it arrived.

My soup came carefully packed in a plastic 500ml cup together with a plastic spoon and few napkins. I tried to down the contents quickly before my next class started, almost burning my tongue in the process. The creamy, freshly cut avocados – there must have been at least two in my soup – were perfectly blended. Despite its otherwise humdrum consistency, small, fresh shrimps surprised me every third mouthful. Still, I would have preferred to taste more spices and vegetables such as carrots, to give it a little more flavour. Avocados have a subtle flavour that pairs well with stronger herbs and spices like basil, garlic or cardamom when used in hot or cold soups.

The ever-changing menu of Soup Solo includes some exciting but also dull soups (such as the tomato, chorizo and chickpea soup). The €6 price tag is justifiable for the avocado and shrimp, but overpriced for a basic leek soup.

Kate Surala

-> Soup Solo, Sint Servaasklooster 38,


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Avocado and shrimp soup 





Every week Kate Surala, master's student of European Public Affairs and student tutor at the Faculty of Law, reviews a restaurant, coffee bar, catering shop or 'to go' in Maastricht.

Soup’s on!
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