UM economists publish more

Maastricht economists publish increasingly more in international journals compared to their colleagues in the rest of the country. This is clear if we look at the top thirty published by the journal Economisch Statistische Berichten (ESB) last week.
The top thirty of economists with most international publications to their name, includes seven from Maastricht, five of whom are in the top ten: Hofstede, Hall, Moorman, Wakker and Soete. In fifteenth place is Hagedoorn, and twentieth is Clegg. Emeritus professor Geert Hofstede has been the undisputed leader for years.
On the basis of this individual ranking, ESB has also drawn up a list of faculties. In this list, Maastricht takes fourth place, which is remarkable. The UM dangled at the bottom for a long time but has been climbing steadily in the past few years.
Rotterdam, also represented by seven economists, are firmly at the top. They conquered the lead from Tilburg. A surprising development is the decline by the University of Amsterdam, according to ESB. Over a period of two years, Amsterdam dropped from second to fifth place.
The top thirty, which covers the period of 2002 to 2006, was drawn up on the basis of an analysis carried out on three international citation indices. The score of each individual publication is weighted for the number of authors who participated and for the impact factor of the journal. Researchers are nominated by nine participating institutes: eight faculties and the De Nederlandsche Bank. Two faculties - Nijmegen and Twente - did not take part.


Maurice Timmermans

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