Upcoming in exactly one week is the anniversary (10th) edition of the Kunsttour, organized by Art2Connect. Spanning four days at various locations in Maastricht, around 150 artists display their paintings, sculptures, photographs, ceramics and textiles in various expositions. In addition to visual art, this edition pays special attention to ‘sound art’. To find out what this relatively new and unknown art form entails, listen to the sound artists creating ‘soundscapes’ that match the environment, using sound installations and recorded samples.
To help visitors who may be confused by the large number of performances and expositions, the organization has set up five themed routes across the city centre. They all start at the Timmerfabriek, the central location of the event, where you can go for general information, refreshments and open stage performances. Busses leave from there to the more remote locations, such as AINSI and Maastricht North-East. For more information, see www.kunsttour.com.


Ruud Berkers

  • What: Kunsttour
  • When: 21st till 24th of May
  • Where: Various locations in Maastricht
  • Admission: Free
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