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Who hasn’t been hearing about Darwin yet? It’s not for nothing that it’s his year. And, of course, Maastricht University can’t be left behind. That’s why the Art and Heritage Commission (Kunst- en Erfgoed Commissie, or KEC) is making sure that Darwin gets his deserved spotlight at Minderbroedersweg 4–6.

In fact, there’s another reason behind the organisation of the Darwin exhibition. Apparently, Maastricht and its surrounds have more to do with Darwin’s theory of evolution than you might expect. Guest curator Ludo Hellemans tries to reveal these links and put them on display for anyone who is interested. It turns out that not only contemporary Maastricht, and in particular the university, works with the implications of Darwin’s findings. Individuals in Maastricht made use of his theory very early on, even before his publications in the 19th century. For example, Eugène Dubois from Eijsden was one of the first paleoanthropologists who, with his descriptions of the ape man, spurred on the creation of myths such as King Kong and Tarzan.

The exhibition has already opened but will last until the end of November. It’s up to you whether you just drop by at some point or spend a whole afternoon on Darwinism.


Marie Zwetsloot

  • What: Darwin exhibition
  • Where: Minderbroedersweg 4–6
  • When: May 14–November 29
  • Admission: Free
Links with Darwin
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