Student unions grow


The Inkom was a success for the student unions. Tragos, Circumflex, Koko and Saurus all have more new members than last year, including international members. For the moment, Cicrumflex is the frontrunner with 207 new students, though some may drop out after the introductions. Meanwhile, Koko welcomed 203 newcomers, Tragos recruited 184 novices and Saurus 117. Koko and Circumflex thus remain the two biggest organisations, with approximately 700 members. Tragos grew to between 550 and 575 members, while Saurus stayed stable at 402 members.

The new Inkom policy – mixing international and Dutch students in a group – seemed to pay off. Koko gained 25 international students (15 more than last year), Saurus 15 and Circumflex and Tragos about 5 each. “We have a lot of different nationalities on board this year”, Saurus chair Miquel Voigt says. “People from Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, Ireland, Poland and Curaçao all joined our club.”   


Cleo Freriks

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