MUSL: How were things at individual faculties?


UCM postponed its education programme when it became clear last Friday that parts of blocks had disappeared from the schedule. At the Faculty of Law they did not take the same decision, but hundreds of students reported there on Monday and Tuesday when they could not find their way to their tutorial groups. Things ran more smoothly elsewhere. “No problems, only the usual, like students who registered very late and still need to be allocated to groups,” says Twan Volckerick from the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. At Arts and Social Sciences, the start of the programme ran normally. “It is going well, we are dealing with some novelties, but it is the first time that we have worked with MUSL, but no disasters here. Everyone is doing something: students and lecturers,” says Ien van de Leur, head of the education office at FASoS. Everyone got going at Psychology this week, although it is expected that it will be some time before we are given the all-clear, director Paul Knibbeler thinks. “Quite a lot has gone wrong transferring data to the new system. We have no idea what is in store for us.”

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration has also started, but there are “quite a lot of students who thought that after registering in StudieLink, they did not need to register separately for blocks,” says director Ingrid Wijk.


Riki Janssen

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