Timetable troubles on Facebook


More than sixty Maastricht students – mostly from the Faculty of Psychology and Neurosciences – have used Facebook to give vent to their frustrations about the ‘timetable and registration disaster’. This disaster was caused by the introduction of the new automation system MUSL.

On the social network site, students have formed a group under the name: “We want Pandia back because we do not understand the new system.” The accompanying photo is of a panda hanging over a tree branch in a very relaxed way (as if there are no problems at all).

The ‘bulletin board messages’ that the students posted last week, leave nothing to the imagination. A female student writes: “Cannot find a timetable anywhere!!! Aaaaaaaargh, this system sucks...and yes I've also had problems enrolling, and still have problems with payments.” A tutor finds the overview of the blocks “unbelievably confusing. It is a complete mess, I have just collected the tutor envelop for Memory, and not a single group is complete.”

In addition to frustration, there is one message that expresses humour, black humour that is: “Doesn't SAP stand for Student Aggression Project?”


Maurice Timmermans

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