MUSL problems still not solved


Education programmes are in full swing at all faculties this week. Even at University College,which postponed the start of the academic year by a week because of problems with the timetable. They decided to use their former scheduling programme again. “Things are running perfectly, just like before. No weird things, no long queues,” says managing director Anouk Cuijpers.

This does not mean, however, that all problems with the new MUSL automation system have been solved. A first-year student of European Studies who did receive her timetable and UM Card, informs us that she is still not enrolled at the faculty. “While I have paid my tuition fees and handed in all documents.”

A German first-year student of International Business missed the Inkom and her first tutorial because she only heard at the end of August that she had been admitted to Maastricht University. “Now I can’t access Eleum, so I can’t see the assignments for my computer lessons.” More or less the same happened to a first-year student of International Economic Studies. She only heard on 1 September that Maastricht University had a place for her. She missed the Inkom and the first week of teaching. “I can’t get into Eleum either.”

At the faculty of Psychology and Neurosciences, it seems that the start of many blocks this year was managed by pulling out all the stops. Hugo Alberts, co-ordinator of the master’s block of Self-control, heard during the faculty master’s meeting last Thursday that 32 students would take the block. On Friday, only 12 appeared to have booked using MUSL. “Then you know that there will be problems. I made up my own groups and e-mailed all the students to let them know. Using Eleum was not an option, because three quarters of the students still have no access to it. Yes, very awkward. The timetable turned out to be wrong too: two tutorial group meetings, for example, had not been scheduled.”

Nevertheless, the head of the education office, Irma Kokx, is not pointing an accusing finger at MUSL. “We have these problems every year. Students enrol very late. We used to be able to place them somewhere quickly, but that is no longer possible with this new system.”


Riki Janssen

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