Dear Dr. Ritzen,


As a student at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration for more than four years, I have come to love and cherish the university, the city and the people of Maastricht. But there have been some developments over the past year which have put a crack in my positive experience. I decided to write this letter not because I want to criticise, but rather because I want to help the university. The issues that I present here represent the unanimous opinions of all the people I know and have talked to over the past year.

- There is a need for substantial growth of the Inner City Library. Just rearranging the furniture is not helping. We need a new property close by, or a fourth and fifth floor added to the existing one. The argument that there is enough space in the Randwyck Library is not valid. I am a student of the School of Business and Economics and therefore my library is the Inner City Library.

- What is happening to the international status of this university? When I started here, the student population was very mixed. Now, I only see Germans everywhere (me being one of them). I know there are rules and regulations against discrimination based on nationality, but this has gone too far. The line must be drawn somewhere. We need more diversity. This development is not only hurting the international aspirations of the university, but increasingly its reputation. We need more full-time students from the USA, Britain and the rest of Europe.

- Maastricht University has always been at the pinnacle of organisational and planning excellence. This year, however, there has been total confusion. It is not a good idea to accept more students while at the same time introducing a new administration system (MUSL). The university should not accept growing numbers of students if it cannot handle them appropriately. It is harmful for the quality of the programmes and the services offered to students, and for UM’s reputation.

Yours sincerely,



Marvin Lerche, master student organisation

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