Airport collection service


Over the past few weeks, student assistants from Maastricht University have collected a total of 135 new master's students from Amsterdam (Schiphol) and Brussels (Zaventem) airports. These new students came from countries such as China, Bulgaria and Georgia. The Maastricht students helped them get train tickets, handed out a description of the train journey and accompanied them to the train. A minibus awaited them upon arrival in Maastricht to take them to their accommodation.

“Our collection service was launched this year. Other universities have been doing this longer,” says Denise Villerius, co-ordinator of master's admissions. The service is free of charge and is meant for students who come from far. “The culture shock is often enormous for people who come to the Netherlands on intercontinental flights. A trip like the one to Maastricht often causes a lot of stress and we hope that our welcome service will reduce that. The more relaxed students arrive, the easier it is for them to start their studies.”

There will certainly be a welcome service again next year, but an evaluation of this year's experience should indicate what the best form is. “This time, our student assistants spent 2.5 weeks waiting in airports at set times. After the Inkom, we spent eight days at Maastricht train station. From the first train to the last. Maybe the periods could be shortened.”


Riki Janssen

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