Clash of the Cover Bands


Can’t stand house music anymore? Have the impression that there’s only one CD circulating through all the pubs and clubs in Maastricht? Then this event is what you were waiting for – you can look forward to a night with bands like U2, Nirvana, Oasis and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Unfortunately, they’re not coming themselves, but there will be bands that cover them to provide you with an evening of fantastic music. To make it even more interesting, a contest will take place and you can help your favourite band win the battle if you vote for them. If you’re thinking: this sounds like fun, but I’d rather be on the stage than in the crowd, feel free to register your band and take part in the Clash of the Cover Bands yourself. For more information and reservations, check out or call (043) 388 53 88.


Jessica Bucher

  • What: Clash of the Cover Bands
  • When: 11 November, 20.30
  • Where: Muziekgieterij, Bankastraat 3
  • Admission: Students €4, others €6

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