The entrance of Sinterklaas


Sinterklaas. At the sound of his name, Dutch students take a trip down memory lane to a time of great expectations, red cheeks and long wish lists. The Dutch equivalent of Santa Claus visits the Netherlands every year from mid-November until 6 December, the day after his birthday on 5 December, when he gives presents and candy to all sweet children.

On 14 November Sinterklaas and his helpers (called Zwarte Pieten) will arrive by boat in Maastricht. Mayor Gerd Leers and hundreds of children and their parents will be ready to give them a warm welcome. They’ll sing special Sinterklaas songs and hope to get some pepernoten (small, round, ginger bread-like cookies, a traditional Dutch candy) from a Zwarte Piet. After his arrival, Sinterklaas will walk through the city towards city hall. There, he will receive visitors from 12.30 until 13.30. If you want to know more about the Sinterklaas celebration, please visit


Cleo Freriks

  • What: The entrance of Sinterklaas
  • When: Sunday 14 November
  • Where: Maasboulevard, near Sint Servaasbridge
  • Admission: free

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