Enjoy poverty


Hear this: 70 to 90 percent of the development aid for Congo eventually returns to the donor countries. It’s not only the development organisations but also the media and the UN employees that lose face in the documentary Enjoy Poverty, by artist Renzo Martens. The film will be shown at the upcoming Maastricht Debates meeting next week, which centres around the theme of money. Afterwards there will be a discussion with Martens and Jack Karhoha, journalist from the Associated Press in Congo. This discussion is part of a two-day-programme in which Thijs Berman, Head of Afghanistan Delegation of the European Parliament, will also reflect upon all the money that streams in and out of Europe.

Maastricht Debates started as an initiative of Maastricht University, the Lumière cinema, student association Concordantia and the European Centre for Development Policy Management, among others. It aims to bring foreign students and professionals together on the topics of European cooperation and globalisation.

A shuttle bus will be available that departs from the centre of Maastricht.



Maurice Timmermans

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