World Press Photo Exhibition 2009


Some of the pictures are deeply disturbing; others make you want to break out with laughter. One thing is for sure: you cannot remain indifferent towards what you will see in the Centre Céramique. The World Press Photo Exhibition shows them all: from Georgian women crying over murdered family members and the heavily wounded victims of Brazilian gang violence, to divers making funny faces while jumping off the springboard. In matters of content the photos are highly diverse, but they all have something in common: they show high-quality photography at an extraordinary level.
One of the photographers is Roger Cremers (Limburg, Bingelrade), who won first prize in the category “Arts and Entertainment – stories” with his report on visitors to the documentation centre Auschwitz-Birkenau. Do not miss this unique opportunity to see the world’s best photographs of 2009 for free! For more information, go to or


Jessica Bucher

  • What:               World Press Photo Exhibition 2009
  • When:              From 6 November until 29 November
  • Where:             Centre Céramique, Plein 1992
  • Admission:       Free

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