With temperatures of more than 10ºC and bright sunshine in Maastricht, many people are finding it difficult to get that “Christmas feeling”, despite it already being late November. Perhaps Sneeuwduister by the Toneelgroep Maastricht will help get you in the mood. In this theatre performance, choreographer/theatre director Jan van Opstal recreates the well-known scene of a family getting together for Christmas, but the idyll is disturbed when repressed feelings of loneliness and anger destroy the peaceful atmosphere.

Twelve talented students from the Drama and Dance academies of Maastricht, Rotterdam and Utrecht helped to create Sneeuwduister, which is based upon improvisations. Because the play is therefore performed almost without language, it’s an excellent opportunity at the Derlon Theatre also for people who don’t speak Dutch.
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Jessica Bucher

  • What:               Theatre performance Sneeuwduister
  • When:              21 November–20 December 2009
  • Where:             Derlon Theatre, Plein 1992, No. 15
  • Admission:       €16 (adults)| €8.50 (students)

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